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Harpley Slides June 2017 Newsletter


June 2017

News Worth Knowing, Ways We’re Growing!

A big big thank you!

So much has happened in the first year of Harpley Slides!  We now have four different products that each come in a multitude of colors and a couple of different sizes.  Thank you to all of our supporters who have made Harpley Slides a great success.  We are dedicated to our customers and love feedback.  If you have not done so already, please be sure to review our products on the website and feel free to send us your testimonials on our testimonials page.




   Open Ended                                           Marble Tipped


  Mini Slides                                              Glass Picks

 Featured Product - Glass picks!

These picks are tempered in a two step process that is equivalent of 12 hours at 1,060 degrees.  these are not your typical glass picks and are a steal at $5.99

Harpley on the Move!

We have had the great opportunity to be a part of a few different open mic nights, concerts, guitar swaps, and more.  Keep an eye out for upcoming events where we will be and be sure to come say hello.


                           Jared with Jeremy Lyons from                Jared at the Seacoast Guitar Show

Vapors of Morphine

Just a reminder…

Free shipping on all orders over $75, so don’t forget to grab a second color, order one for Father’s Day, and pick out your favorite pick to make sure you’re getting the advantage of free shipping and handling.

Coming Next…

Please be sure to visit our website often as we have logowear, bumper stickers and more soon to be added.

I’m also working on a prototype for a new slide design that has never been done before…

AND… you never know… we may be adding handmade guitars to our product listing.

Keep in Touch

Check out our first video that can be found on the “videos” tab on the website ( on our youtube channel (

Please like, share and follow us on facebook:


Thanks again for all of your support.  

Play on!



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  • Mark on


    Do you make custom open end glass slides. I am looking for a 60mm length, about 5-6 mm width for the body? For the pinky



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