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About us

Harpley Slides is a locally owned and operated business out of Winthrop, Maine.  Jared Fyfe (founder / musician / artist) was the youngest of fourteen children in a musical family that always had at least one family band performing.  His wife often jokes that she married into "The Brady Bunch meets The Partridge Family" and lovingly complains that family gatherings are just one very large gig.

This also means that their two young daughters Riley and Harper, hence "Harpley", were also born to be musicians and have proved to be such by playing a multitude of instruments and forming a band.

Jared also has a passion for many forms of art. That is how he got into glass blowing. One day after making medicine jars, he was watching the news in the kitchen while he subconsciously slipped the jar on his finger......... Ding Ding! A light bulb went off, not only can he make guitar slides he was determined to make the best slide anyone has ever played and with a little "Maine Ingenuity" the rest is history. That idea took off and morphed into different designs and even glass picks.

If you have a passion for slide playing you will be able to see and feel the passion that Jared puts into every glass slide and pick he makes. If you have never played with glass, we welcome you to a new world of glass slide playing as we invite you to try our hand crafted slides and discover for yourself the difference in look, feel, and tones that you can only achieve with Harpley Slides.

Play on!