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Customer Feedback

I've been playing slide for nearly 30 years and I don't normally use glass -- glass slides are generally either too light or too thick, compared to the brass tube or socket wrench I've been using.  I was impressed by the Harpley Slide's density and heft combined with a narrow profile and thus greater control.  Now I keep it with me for those tunes that call for that watery, warbly sound you can't get with metal.  I also enjoy the picks!  Like nothing I've ever used!
-Jeremy Lyons (Vapors of Morphine, The Busted Jug Band)
I just did a day in the studio with the 32 mm. (Kryptonite) and the 28 mm. (Onyx Black). Both sound fantastic but I'm particularly enamored with the large 32 mm. piece. Once I got used to the larger size, I found my intonation improve which let me focus more on playing and tone. Jared has done a fantastic job crafting these slides. I won't be looking for replacements, these Harpley slides are here to stay! Oh yeah - they look beautiful as well!
-Justin Milliken
I have tried many slides and they have been OK but they have always missed that tone I was looking for. I came across Harpley Slides website and thought I would give them a try.  I purchased the Brilliant Blue Open Ended 28mm Guitar Slide and I was immediately impressed. The tone is warm and bright, like a cross between brass and glass and really lets the bass come through! The lighter weight of the slide improved the speed of my playing, making getting around on the fret board that much easier.  Customer service is great, too!  I love that I'm giving American craftsman business while getting the best product out there in return. Thanks again for a great slide.
-B. L.
I love to share customer feedback and encourage you to rate the slides individually as well as to send me your feedback.  Please email me at  Play On!
                                               - Jared