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Harpley Slides provides Maine made, custom, handcrafted glass slides and glass picks for the guitar novice to professional.  Our products come in different styles, colors, and sizes so any guitarist can get the look, feel, and tone that they are looking for.

"I've been playing slide for nearly 30 years and I don't normally use glass -- glass slides are generally either too light or too thick, compared to the brass tube or socket wrench I've been using.  I was impressed by the Harpley Slide's density and heft combined with a narrow profile and thus greater control.  Now I keep it with me for those tunes that call for that watery, warbly sound you can't get with metal.  I also enjoy the picks!  Like nothing I've ever used!"
-Jeremy Lyons (Vapors of Morphine, The Busted Jug Band)